Our Mission Statement: To create the fastest and most intuitive marketing platform for advertisers and publishers to collaborate.

As concerns about ad-blocking, banner blindness, and increasingly squeezed PPC margins grow, influencer marketing is rapidly gaining popularity with the spend expected to reach $6B over the next five years.

Sponsored blog posts are a key part of any influencer strategy. Advertisers can commision long form content, in-depth reviews and reach a highly engaged audience that is more likely to convert compared to someone that's seen a short social media update.

The problem is that working with influencers and bloggers is time-consuming and costly. Brands have to find and vet individual bloggers, strike deals with them and then devote significant resources to managing campaigns. Typically this process is managed using emails, spreadsheets, CRM systems, and outreach databases.

TopBloggers was created by a group of marketers to streamline all of this and make it easier to scale blog campaigns. Our self-service marketplace cuts out the need for middlemen and enables advertisers and publishers to mutually arrange deals efficiently and easily. Our network of high quality sites, combined with workflow management, tracking, messaging and payments - provides a complete end-to-end self service solution.